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Join a WLS Book Club!

Losing yourself in a book is one of life’s great joys. But after the last page, when the story’s done? Join one of our book clubs for reading’s other great joy: talking through that book with someone else. Remember, dear reader: you are never alone! 

EVENING BOOK CLUB / Lit Fiction & Etc. 

We’ll read new fiction with the occasional memoir thrown in—an interesting mix of buzzed-about books, prize-winners, and fresh new voices. Let us be your excuse to try something new from the library shelves, and join a warm, lively discussion with your fellow readers. Click here or email for more details. 


Next Meeting: 

Loop Tracks, by Sue Orr 

Wednesday 2 February, 7-8 p.m., online via Zoom 

Sign up here for a copy of the book and the Zoom link, or just scan the QR code below: 

CARTERTON LIBRARY BOOK CLUB / Bookish Conversation and Friendship 

Now a dozen years running, our Carterton Library Book Club meets on the last Wednesday of each month for morning tea and delightful conversation. No chosen title each month—just come to share what you’re reading lately with your neighbors and friends. Email for more information. 

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