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Here are the books we’ve read and enjoyed! Want to read them in your own book club? Contact about checking out a free book club set of any title. 

February 2022 

Sue Orr, Loop Tracks 
"The first time I got on an aeroplane, I was sixteen years old and pregnant."


March 2022 

Lea YpiFree: Coming of Age at the End of History
“When you see a system change once, it’s not that difficult to believe that it can change again."


April 2022 

Greta & Valdin by Rebecca K. Reilly
"There comes a time of night when it becomes okay to sit on the ground, even away from parks and boulders and other natural sitting spots."


May 2022 

Klara and the Sun, by Kazuo Ishiguro.
“‘Sometimes,’ she said, ‘at special moments like that, people feel a pain alongside their happiness. I’m glad you watch everything so carefully, Klara.’” 

Klara and the sun.PNG

June 2022 

Strange Beasts of China, by Yan Ge.
“‘My mother used to tell me, ‘You can’t be sure that beasts aren’t people, or that people aren’t just another type of beast.’” 


July 2022 

Something New Under the Sun, by Alexandra Kleeman
“Why was the only choice paper or plastic, rathern than being able to choose to buy nothing at all?”

something new under the sun.jpg

August 2022 

The Bookseller at the End of the World, by Ruth Shaw
“‘I expressed my condolences and spoke about how often we are taken by surprise when someone dies. I have always believed everyone has a story to tell’” 


September 2022 

Remarkably Bright Creatures, by Shelby Van Pelt.
“Humans… For the most part you are dull and blundering. But occasionally you can be remarkably bright creatures.” 


October 2022 

The Candy House, by Jennifer Egan.
“The need for personal glory is like cigarette addiction: a habit that feels life-sustaining
even as it kills you.” 

the candy house.jpeg

November 2022 

The Last White Man, by Mohsin Hamid
“... a white man had indeed shot a dark man, but also that the dark man and the white man were the same.”


December 2022 

The Fell, by Sarah Moss

“How is anyone going to get sick from walking a few miles over the moor and standing on a hillside in the wind?”

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