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The WLS Evening Book Club is a very simple affair, open to all. Here’s how to join: 

  • Sign up for our newsletter. 

  • Borrow one of our library copies free of charge. 

  • Hop online from 7-8 p.m. each First Wednesday for some great conversation! 


New to book clubs? Come join us! There’s nothing quite like the pleasure of talking about something you just read with some nice folks who’ve read it, too. 

We hold our meetings on Zoom, so you can join us right from your favourite reading chair. New to Zoom? It’s easy—we’ll help you connect. 

Library copies are first come, first served (you can also buy your own at one from our friends at the Wairarapa’s many great local bookstores.

Any questions, contact dan@wls.org.nz. Readers of the Wairarapa, you are never alone! 

Wednesday 7 September: Remarkably Bright Creatures


For September, join us as we discuss Remarkably Bright Creatures, by Shelby Van Pelt. 

The Blurb: “After Tova Sullivan's husband died, she began working the night shift at the Sowell Bay Aquarium, mopping floors and tidying up. Keeping busy has always helped her cope, which she's been doing since her eighteen-year-old son, Erik, mysteriously vanished on a boat in Puget Sound over thirty years ago.

Tova becomes acquainted with curmudgeonly Marcellus, a giant Pacific octopus living at the aquarium. Marcellus knows more than anyone can imagine but wouldn't dream of lifting one of his eight arms for his human captors--until he forms a remarkable friendship with Tova.

Ever the detective, Marcellus deduces what happened the night Tova's son disappeared. And now Marcellus must use every trick his old invertebrate body can muster to unearth the truth for her before it's too late.” 

Some links!

  • A review from the Washington Post.

  • An interview from the TODAY Show where Van Pelt talks about writing her debut novel, as well as answer questions from readers.

  • An interview from the Los Angeles Public Library.


Here are the books we’ve read and enjoyed! Want to read them in your own book club? Contact dan@wls.org.nz about checking out a free book club set of any title. 




August 2022 

The Bookseller at the End of the World, by Ruth Shaw
“‘I expressed my condolences and spoke about how often we are taken by surprise when someone dies. I have always believed everyone has a story to tell’” 


July 2022 

Something New Under the Sun, by Alexandra Kleeman 
“Why was the only choice paper or plastic, rathern than being able to choose to buy nothing at all?”

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June 2022 

Strange Beasts of China, by Yan Ge.
“‘My mother used to tell me, ‘You can’t be sure that beasts aren’t people, or that people aren’t just another type of beast.’” 


May 2022 

Klara and the Sun, by Kazuo Ishiguro.
“‘Sometimes,’ she said, ‘at special moments like that, people feel a pain alongside their happiness. I’m glad you watch everything so carefully, Klara.’” 

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April 2022 

Greta & Valdin by Rebecca K. Reilly 
"There comes a time of night when it becomes okay to sit on the ground, even away from parks and boulders and other natural sitting spots."


March 2022 

Lea YpiFree: Coming of Age at the End of History
“When you see a system change once, it’s not that difficult to believe that it can change again."


February 2022 

Sue Orr, Loop Tracks 
"The first time I got on an aeroplane, I was sixteen years old and pregnant."


December 2021                                                                                         

Doireann Ní Ghríofa, A Ghost in the Throat 

“This is a female text, written in the twenty-first century. How late it is. How much has changed. How little.” 


November 2021 

Sally Rooney, Beautiful World, Where Are You 

“Maybe we’re just born to love and worry about the people we know, and to go on loving and worrying even when there are more important things we should be doing. And if that means the human species is going to die out, isn’t it in a way the nicest reason to die out, the nicest reason you can imagine?” 

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